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AUGMENTIN is an original development of the famous company GlaxoSmithKline and is a combination of amoxicillin – one of the best antibiotics of the penicillin series – and the most powerful of the known beta-lactamase inhibitors – clavulanic acid. The combination of these two components in AUGMENTIN leads to the appearance of special properties.

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What is Augmentin?

The drug implements the concept of “attacking, defending itself”: clavulanic acid irreversibly blocks β-lactamases of both pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, opening amoxicillin a free pathway to attack infection pathogens. Such properties allowed the drug to show high clinical efficacy in many infections of various organs and systems, which does not change over time, as evidenced by more than 25 years of successful use worldwide. With the advent of AUGMENTIN, the era of the renaissance of penicillin antibiotics has begun. They are restored to their rights, and rightfully so.

The use of AUGMENTIN in clinical practice has a solid evidence base – after all, it was for this original drug that numerous clinical studies were carried out, confirming its effectiveness in the treatment of respiratory infections. The high clinical efficacy of AUGMENTIN in various infections has been proven in controlled studies involving tens of thousands of patients over 25 years.

In total, today in the world there are about 50,000 publications containing data on the successful use of AUGMENTIN in clinical practice, which makes it perhaps the most studied antibiotic after penicillin in the world. The sensitivity of microorganisms to AUGMENTIN over the decades of its successful use has not changed, which is confirmed by the results of large studies (Alexander Project, 1992–1996 and others).

In particular, the data of the large-scale international multicenter microbiological study of the Alexander Project (the project was named after Alexander the Great, who probably died as a result of a respiratory tract infection) indicate the high activity of AUGMENTIN and the sensitivity of microorganisms to it that cause community-acquired infections of the respiratory system.

It was also revealed another amazing property of the drug that distinguishes it from other modern antimicrobial agents – despite the fact that the drug has been used since 1981, the sensitivity of microorganisms to AUGMENTIN has not changed.

Scope Augmentin

The scope of AUGMENTIN is wide due to the high ability to bactericidal effect on the aerobic and anaerobic flora (both gram-positive and gram-negative).

A wide range of AUGMENTIN activity allows monotherapy with this drug even in cases when in its absence a combination of two or more antibiotics was required. This reduces the incidence of adverse reactions and deprives microorganisms of the ability to produce resistant strains.

The drug is indicated for infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract (tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia), infections of the genitourinary system (cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, sexually transmitted infections, gynecological and obstetric infections), skin and soft tissues , bones and joints (osteomyelitis), as well as for perioperative prophylaxis of surgical infection.

In addition to the high clinical and bacteriological efficacy that persists over time, AUGMENTIN has a favorable safety and tolerability profile. Therefore, it is not surprising that AUGMENTIN received well-deserved recognition by doctors. It is registered and applied practically all over the world.

Moreover, in the guidelines for antibiotic therapy in many developed countries, AUGMENTIN is recommended as the first choice antibiotic for empirical treatment of various infections.

The recognition of the high effectiveness of AUGMENTIN is evidenced by the fact that in 1995 the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards declared AUGMENTIN the gold standard among penicillin antibiotics, that is, with which all newly created antibiotics are compared (Legnani D., 1997). Despite the duration of the use of AUGMENTIN in clinical practice, it is not inferior in effectiveness to many newly created antimicrobial agents.

Augmentin safety

Augmentin is not only different proven effectiveness but also high safety, well tolerated by patients, can be used in children, starting from a very young age. Since Augmentin is active against many microorganisms, it can be a means the first choice in the treatment of acute otitis media, sinusitis and pneumonia. The manufacturer of this original drug is GlaxoSmithKline company – constantly takes care of the quality of Augmentin. It confirms not only high quality components of the drug, but also the original packaging that protects Augmentin from the influence of adverse conditions external environment, as well as falsification.

Side effects

During therapy with the Augmentin antibioticvarious adverse reactions of the body can developSothe following symptoms may occur:
digestive upset (to reduce the risk of its development, this drug is best taken with food);
liver dysfunctions, hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice;
– Quinckes edema;
– polyform erythema;
– allergic shock;
– exfoliative dermatitis;
– StevenJohnson syndrome;
– candidiasis;
– other superinfection.
In isolated casesthe development of pseudomembranous colitis is noted.


Augmentin is contraindicated in such cases:
with individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The patient has allergic manifestations with various forms of antibiotics.

When an erythematous rash and urticaria appearthis antibiotic must be stopped, you should consult your doctor for recommendations on changing the drug.